Contact Paper instead of Cricut Vinyl

Have you ever used vinyl in your cricut or Silhouette?  It is quite expensive and although I love the projects people create, I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money if I can come up with a better solution. 

That solution is contact paper.

This is one project – my kids each have Kindle Fires to help meet their special needs.  I bought heavy duty cases to protect them but unfortunately the cases are exactly the same – both black and we could never tell who’s is who’s without turning the Kindles on and waiting to see who it belongs to. 

I bought black and white paisley contact paper and put it through the cricut.  Nothing special to do – just put it on (with the paper on the back) the mat and run through the Cricut.  I had a new blade so I put it on low pressure and put the blade on 3.  It worked magnificently.

Before the vinyl (front and back of the cases):

And now after “personalizing” them with the contact paper cutouts:

No confusion now.  And while I was at it I personalized my Kindle.  I have the original Kindle and my case is a textured case.  But the contact paper adhered just fine.

I share my projects at some great link parties.
You can see them all HERE


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