Expired Kohls Cash

Have you ever gone crazy over a Kohl’s deal, left with tons of Kohl’s Cash (yup you scored BIG) – just to lose or forget about the Kohl’s cash?  It is so easy to do – as I have definitely done it.  And I know at least once I have thrown the expired Kohl’s cash out vowing to never be that absent minded again.

But alas – it happened again.  I thought my KC expired on one day only to find that it expired the day before and I missed it.  At the same time I found some Kohl’s cash my husband had earned but placed it on my desk (my disaster area) and that expired months ago.

I was not going to lose that again without a fight.  So I marched right into Kohl’s prepared to plead and beg only to find that they didn’t care – just turn in your expired Kohl’s cash and they will print up a current credit for you to use.  That was so easy.

So don’t ever give up on your expired Kohl’s cash.  I assume it isn’t just our local Kohl’s that does this replacement.  I am very thankful that I didn’t lose out on that cash again – especially since my son really needed a pair of shoes.

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  1. That is good to know.. I wish they did that with Gymbucks. I am ALWAYS forgetting to use those too!

  2. thanks for the info! Had no idea.. :) Will definitely keep in mind just in case..


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