Easy Breakfast Solutions

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I have two extremely easy breakfast solutions for you today!  Both involve the use of Pillsbury Grands Biscuits – and they couldn’t be easier.  I have one child who eats just about anything (healthy and not so much) and one who never wants to try anything.  And let me assure you they both love BOTH of these options.

First – I will show you donuts.  All you need are:
Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (any variety)
Vegetable oil (for deep frying)
Pot to fry in (unless you have a fryolator)

Take your biscuits and open them…

Open them up and spread them out on a pan.  Take something small and round and punch the centers out.  In my case I used a medicine cup – with small kids we always have medicine cups around.  Don’t throw out the centers – they make great donut holes.  The kids seldom see the donut holes – because you know I MUST test the donut making process by cooking the donut holes first.  And how can I test the process without eating them just to make sure they are cooked thoroughly.

Heat up the vegetable oil.  Once it is nice and hot let it stabilize – I generally turn the stove down to medium once it is nice and hot.  Any hotter than that and the donuts cook too quickly on the outside and not well enough on the inside.  You will need to keep an eye on it.

Simply “plop” the donuts with tongs into the oil.  Cook approximately two minutes then use the tongs to flip the donuts over and cook the other side.  I generally don’t do more than three donuts at a time or I risk not being able to flip and pull them out quickly enough. 

Once they are cooked you can add powdered sugar (my favorite); cinnamon; frosting/glaze; sprinkles; melted chocolate etc…  This is my kids favorite way to eat them…

When I make them I usually make quite a few.  I frost them as the kids are ready to eat them.  If they don’t eat them immediately – when they are ready to, I warm them up in the microwave for 7 seconds, then add frosting and sprinkles.  They are soooo delicious.  Better than Dunkin Donuts etc…

Now that was breakfast option number 1.  Are you ready for number 2 – EVEN EASIER if you can believe that!

All you need for this is the same biscuits and a waffle maker.  That is it – really.  I read about this idea here.  Simply open the biscuits and depending on the size of your waffle maker – place them on the waffle maker and snap it closed.  My waffle maker is a pretty decent size so I was able to do four at a time.

Cook for approximately two minutes until nice and brown.
Don’t they look delicious?!  The kids like them very traditionally with just maple syrup.  Me – top it with a nice scoop of ice cream and I am one very happy person!  We also take them camping so we can microwave them, grill them, toast them or whatever…  How would you like your waffles?

I share my projects at some great link parties.
You can see them all HERE
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  1. paula says:

    In the mid 1970’s, I head of making donuts with biscuits . . SO EASY ! ! ! I always used the cap of a 2 Liter Pop bottle for my holes.

    Now, the waffles are new . . Thanks!

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