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Kool Aid Surprise for the Kids 0

Kool Aid Surprise for the Kids

So what do you think you can make with this combination of ingredients? What can you do with all these ingredients?  8 packages of Kool Aid (2 each of four different flavors – although...

Bad Weather Balloon Fun 0

Bad Weather Balloon Fun

These are not the greatest pictures because they were spur of the moment with the phone but you totally get the idea.  The balloons need to be replaced every now and then but trust...

Quick Slush Puppies 7

Quick Slush Puppies

Do you have children?  Do they crave slush puppies in the summer?  Mine LOVE slush puppies and snow cones.  I have one of those plastic snow cone makers but I hate it – it...

Easy Fun Project for Kids 1

Easy Fun Project for Kids

Actually adults can also do this project but it is so much more fun when you are a child.  Buy some cheap plain white canvas sneakers from Walmart.  Girls are $5.  Anthony fits in...

Layers of the Atmosphere – A Learning Tool 0

Layers of the Atmosphere – A Learning Tool

We are sharing our tool to help our kids learn about the layers of the atmosphere – available for free as our gift to you as a .pdf file  by clicking HERE.

Last Minute Christmas Ornaments 0

Last Minute Christmas Ornaments

Every year the kids and I make some personalized ornaments for my husband – generally involving the kids.  This year however, that never seemed to be a priority.  Today he went out shopping and...

Reindeer Food 0

Reindeer Food

Make sure your kids have enough reindeer food on hand to guide Santa’s reindeer.You need oats, sprinkles and some of the glittery sugar crystals.  Mix them all together.  We placed a bunch in a...

Shimmery Ornament 2

Shimmery Ornament

Have you ever seen the clear empty plastic ball ornaments at the craft stores?  I purchased some last year on clearance and chose to decorate them now.  I still have a bunch left –...