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Sephora’s desk/chair combination

I finished that roll top desk for Sephora and all my fears were baseless – the paint dried just fine and it looks really nice.  Which means I couldn’t take a break – I needed to find just the right chair for the finished desk.  Turns out I used what I had in my basement.  I am not even sure where this chair came from – either from my grandmother before she passed away or from my inlaws.  Either way – the chair was a wobbly, decrepit chair that had been sitting in the basement for the last nine years and for some reason – another item we just never got rid of.  Just for clarification – I am pretty sure this is the last piece of furniture that we have laying around for me to “fix”.  I seriously need to find more furniture.  Anyway, here is the “before” – you will gasp in horror at this piece.  But I really enjoyed working with it – one of the few projects that didn’t carry a million surprises with it.

I took off the seat, peeled the torn vinyl off the seat to reveal very in tact cushioning which was still usable.  Replaced the seat cover with corduroy – red/white/black/gray pattern.  While I put that together I also primed the chair (didn’t waste time sanding or stripping as it was so beat up I was hoping it wouldn’t make a difference) then painted in the same Bahama Sea coloring.  Once tacky (not totally dry – who has that kind of patience) – I put it all back together and this is what I got.

I know it looks a little crooked but that isn’t me (of course) – it is totally the handmade, old construction of the chair.  Then I brought it upstairs and surprised Sephora – somehow she was not paying even the slightest bit of attention to my project today.  Hmmm – I wasn’t the center of her universe…. Anyway – here is the set.

The chair is small – just the right size for a child and just the right size for this desk.  Like it was made for it… 

My next problem is that apparently this Bahama Sea color is no longer being produced by Krylon and I need another 8-10 cans to complete the other two dressers.  OR – I could make each dresser a different color – totally up Sephora’s ally.  She is the child who always wears two different colored socks and two different colored shoes – Really!  Every time I buy her a pair of sneakers – I buy two pairs – so she has four optional ways to wear them.  It started with Crocs (generic – cheapos) but became a way of life for her.  So an alternating color scheme in her bedroom would probably be soothing for her.


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