This morning’s treat

Thanks to a friend of mine – this has become a frequent treat in our house!  I have several recipes for homemade donuts but they are the cake style donuts and although I like those, my kids definitely prefer the lighter style donut. 

All you need are pillsbury grand biscuits, some vegetable oil and whatever you will use to decorate and flavor the donuts.  Open the can (toughest part) and separate the biscuits.  Pop the center out of each and use the centers for donut holes.

While you are working on popping out the holes, starting warming up your vegetable oil.  I think it needs to be heated up to about 250 degrees but since none of my thermometers go that high – I wing it.  Basically, when the first donut hole comes out fine – I move on to the donuts.  You just drop the dough into the warmed up oil and when one side is browned (times vary so keep an eye on it – do not walk away), flip it over and remove it from the oil when both sides are nicely browned. 

Then you remove it from the grease with a slotted spoon or some other utensil that will allow grease to drain, place it on a plate with paper towels on it to absorb the grease.  Either decorate/flavor it while it is warm (not hot – wait a bit) or wait and serve when it is cooler.  My kids eat some warm but since they don’t eat a whole package – they eat others later.  We simply warm them up in the microwave for 7 seconds, decorate and serve.  Below is a finished warm donut, decorated with frosting and sprinkles – half eaten – forgot to take a picture before they got to it.

It helps to have a multitude of sprinkle options – it keeps it interesting.  Of course there is also the sugar, powdered sugar and/or cinnamon option.

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