Why we choose to live in this town

Although most towns had some sort of event going on this weekend, it is a pretty normal situation in our town.  Sure we pay a little bit higher tax than some and we also pay a borough tax among some other taxes that others don’t pay – but it is a rare occasion to not have a family or kid event in our town on a weekend.  And almost all things at these events are free.  Todays event was Kids Day.  It involved “Touch a Truck”, face painting, balloon animals, BMX/Skateboard shows, juggling shows, musicians, multiple types of crafts and painting stations, free chips (courtesy of FritoLay), free Slush Puppies (courtesy of Sunnyside Farms), moon bouncing, hay rides, kids exercise stations (courtesy of Muscle Max gym) – and unfotunately I am sure that is not all they had planned but when it started thundering and lightning that was pretty much the end of that fun.  But that didn’t start til about 45 minutes before the fun was coming to an end anyway.  Here are some random photos from the event. 

No – she isn’t crying but her hair kept blowing in her face and she couldn’t easily remove it because she had paint on her fingers.
Free chips in hand (opened upside down), pulling the loud horn in one of the trucks 

Waiting for the MoonBounce

Standing underneath the sun and the 110 foot telescoped laddertruck ladder

The four wheeler hay ride

Wearing the fire hat that weighed more than her

Young teen juggling – at one point he was juggling 7 items!

Broad Street Singers – Quite the show

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