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Sephora’s bedside table

This was the end table I picked up at a yardsale for $2.  Seems I forgot to take a “before” photo again.  I get so excited about the possibilities for the pieces I buy that I forget about the “process”.  But, you can imagine the deplorable state it was in if I picked it up for $2.  The restoration went through several iterations.  First it was Raspberry colored (bright pink).  But that wasn’t working out because fish eyes were showing up.  So I sanded it down again and started over.  Then I made it more purple-ish – NOPE that wasn’t cutting it either.  Then I resorted to trying to match the Krylon paint color of her desk/chair combination – my original dilemma.  Valspar has a Mediteranean colored paint that came pretty close.  So here is the end result.

She seems quite happy with it – but she would be happy with anything I did so I don’t know if that is the most accurate barometer….

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