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Coffee Cozy for Dad

This is another item the kids and I gave to Dad for Fathers’ Day.  Of course – it is again orange and black.  There are tons of patterns out there for coffee cozy’s but in the end I decided to “wing it”.  I think it is one of those things where – there is no wrong way to do it.

First I cut two pieces (I cut it once with two pieces of fabric) in a slightly rounded – since a cup is slightly graduated you need to account for that difference in size.

Then I fold over each long side (front and back) and pin them together. 

Then sew along each seam.  Once the long sides have been sewn, tuck in the ends and sew those.  Essentially you are making a tube then sewing all sides.  Take a hair elastic – black in this case – and sew it on.  I did that sewing by hand.  I contemplated doing the entire project by hand – it is small and easy but opted not to.  I found a matching button and sewed that on the opposite side. 

The final product works like this…

Keeping It Simple

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