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Tshirt Bag

I am always on the lookout for crafts and projects that will be of interest to my son.  This is a great one and nice and easy.  I used one of his used and a little small – Iron Man tshirts. 

Start by cutting off the sleeves (including the seam by the armpits), cut off the neckline and all seams and cut off the bottom hem.  You will be left with what looks like a cut up tank top.

Next you turn your shirt inside out and sew the bottom closed – because I know my son will test this bag to its limits by filling it with bricks and rocks and who knows whatever else he can come up with – I sewed two rows of straight stitches and overlayed them with a zig zag stitch.  Keep your fingers crossed…

Flip the rough bag right side out.  Stretch the arm holes and neck holes so the edges roll in on themselves – and there you have it.  A nice and easy tshirt bag. 

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