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Uses for Oatmeal Style Cannisters

I want to make everything on this list but since I don’t eat oatmeal or anything else that comes in this type of cannister (like chocolate milk powder) – I can’t….  I know, play the violin…

But that doesn’t mean any one of you can’t pursue one or more of these projects.

Storage containers – decorate outside
Hair accessory storage and put headbands on outside of container
Store pet food
Balloon drum
Cut in half, decorate and turn into a cradle for a baby doll
Use to ship items
Use as a Kleenex container – put a hole in the center of the cover, put a roll of toilet paper inside (after removing the cardboard center), feed the end through the hole and grab a length of tissue when you need it.
Make a planetarium (search for instructions online)
Yarn box (yarn feeds through a hole in the cover)
Gift boxes – poke holes through sides to feed a string handle through
Set of Bongo Drums
Easter baskets
Christmas gift containers
Decoupage cookie container
Hot dog roaster
Kitchen utensil holder
Toilet paper holder in bathroom
Make a travel container of toys for the kids
Make a travel container for snacks

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