It’s official…

Is spray painting over until the Spring?  We have had so much rain, humidity and general yucky weather that I can’t possibly spray paint and the one time I tried, it never dried!  We went straight from Hurricane Irene to one rain storm, thunderstorm after another.  Now – not only do I need to use all the paint I have before winter – of course as mental projects pile up, I have purchased a few more cans.  Plus a friend of mine gave me a paint sprayer to try out and I haven’t even moved it to my work space! 

That’s the bad news – the good news is I wouldn’t have had time to do any painting anyway with the start of school for our kids, the start of school for our jobs, yard cleanup and general exhaustion.  But the paint is still calling me.

I have a large project in the garage that needs to be completed (demolition, carpentry, painting) before we can ever get a car back in there.  At some point it will either get finished or trashed and I am not at all in favor of trashing something I have a grand vision for. 

It is time for everyone to do their stop raining dance… All together now…

Ahhhh… Now that is better.  Thanks for the support.

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