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Candy Corn Dress

I wanted to make a Halloween dress for my daughter and didn’t have alot of time.  For supplies you need three tshirts – white, yellow, and orange.  The white shirt should fit your child but the other two can be any size.  In our case, the white shirt (blank shirt) was purchased on clearance at Walmart for $2 and the orange and yellow shirts were picked up at the thrift store.  The orange and yellow shirts didn’t need to be blank shirts – but there needed to be a large blank section on them.

Shorten the white shirts – which will be the base.  I shortened that to about an inch or so below the armpit.  Then I cut the orange and yellow shirts just below the decals and cut the bottom hems off each.  This will leave you with a tube – cut one side open so you have two long pieces of fabric.

Sew them together along one long edge – this will be where the dress transitions from yellow to orange.

Then measure just how long that needs to be to sew to the bottom of the shirt that fits your child.  Basically I measured the bottom of the white tshirt and doubled that plus 1/2 inch (seam allowance).  Sew that large piece of yellow/orange fabric along one vertical edge – creating a yellow/orange tube.

Attach the bottom section of your dress (the yellow/orange section) to the upper white section by turning both inside out, placing the white shirt inside the yellow/orange tube – at the yellow section – right sides together.  Pin them and sew.
Hem the bottom of the orange – my daughter likes really long dresses – so do I.  So this fits the bill perfectly.  I think she likes them so she can choose to wear them as a dress or a nightgown.
This is the end result.  The spots on the white shirt are her – wearing her brightest gymnastic bodysuit underneath.  She wouldn’t take it off…

On a cloudy morning on way to school

Now that the dress is done – I apparently did not have any candy corn in the house or I would have realized that it is white orange yellow – not white yellow orange. Oh well.  She loves it.

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