Why I Blog

I have a very very busy family life and career.  So I get this question a lot and I have thought long and hard many times – why do I blog?  Why stay up until all hours of the night to make “it” happen?  Where do I find the time?  What is in it for me? And the big one – how much money are you making?
Here is my best attempt to answer these questions.
1.         I think it is very important for anyone to invest in yourself.  Take a class, join some community organization, or something.  It is important to develop yourself continually.
2.         I have spent 20 years being a wife and mother or step mother.  And just to be clear – I love those roles and wouldn’t trade them for the world.  But I am at a point in my life where I can’t just be mom, I can’t just be my husband’s wife, and I can’t just be (my career).  I still need to be ME and my blog is how I maintain that part of myself.
3.         Pretty much part of my “bucket list”.
4.         I feel everyone needs to have a passion – everyone from the age of three to ninety-nine.
5.         The blog allows some major bonding opportunities and quality opportunities with my kids/family.  Not so much the writing, social, marketing part – but the projects and skills. 
6.         I am not the most social butterfly in the world – my blog forces me to become more comfortable working on those skills.  This will help benefit me in all facets of my life.
7.         My life can be awfully entertaining (to outsiders – not always so entertaining for me) and I have been told for years that I should write a book.  Tried to do that several times and it just lost its’ humor.  My blog allows me to write about the skunk in the dog kennel in a much more timely fashion allowing me to easily portray the hilarity of the situation in my writing.
8.         I love how much the blog has opened up my eyes about so many things.  I always have a camera with me – can’t miss an opportunity for the blog.  I always have my mind open and willing to see things that I want to try or to make.  For example – clothing – I hate to shop for clothing and would really never even pay attention to fashion trends etc… Now – I look at clothing entirely differently – and figure out ways that I can whip something similarly up.
9.         Although I would love for my blog to become huge some day – I am comfortable at the moment with its size because I can still respond to every inquiry, and I can still meet the needs of every single one of my subscribers/followers.
10.       I honestly don’t have any really special skills.  So, I want everyone to know, if there is a project that I do – you absolutely could do it too.  Most of this stuff I couldn’t have imagined ever attempting.  Now, I attempt a lot and my projects sometimes fail.  Although I am not happy about it when they fail, I either figure out how to fix it or I move on.  I am still trying to get chocolate to melt properly.  I know it is “operator error” but I can’t quite get there.
11.       There is no great secret to where I find the time and every day is different.  So first and foremost, I must be flexible.  Some nights I can’t even do one project or blog task.  Other nights I can accomplish quite a bit.  Projects (depending on what they are) can usually be done while the kids are up because after all, that is part of our quality time.  All sewing usually happens after the kids are in bed and power tools can only be used when I am sure they are otherwise safely distant.  Anything with glue, spray paint, paper, cardboard, Mod Podge, cooking etc… can be done with their help.  All writing, linking, responding, emailing, documenting etc… happens after they are in bed.  I will not take time away from them to do this.  The exception is – I have been known to sneakily do tiny things on my iPhone when it doesn’t impact anyone else – like when we are driving to Maine and there is a lull in conversations etc…
12.       Someday my daughter wants to be a partner on my blog or wants us to partner on another blog.  That would be awesome but we all know the world could be a very different place by then – but I am flexible.  It cracks me up that “blogging” is part of my six year old daughter’s daily vocabulary while when I was six I am sure I was just hoping to get cable tv some day.
13.       How much money do I make?  Well, for sure, I don’t blog for money.  Will I be thrilled to actually make some money some day? Absolutely, who wouldn’t be.  But right now – none really.  Technically, yes, through Adsense and Rivit – but not enough to even be able to request a payout.  I could make more if I chose more lucrative ads but I want to be true to the family, parent type of blog that I have.  If I were to make some money eventually, that would be great.  I do however sometimes make some spending money from my eBook.  I don’t ever even pay attention to whether or not I make money.  So, on the rare occasions I check shows up in the mail – hooray for me!  And I have made some money through Social Spark for writing about certain products.  I get quite a few offers but I only write about those that I feel are not compromising the direction of my blog.   I know how to make money on my blog, and if I had all the time in the world – I could.  But, I must maintain the balance and I always keep the focus that I don’t blog for money – I blog for me.


  • Karie @ The HoB

    Love that “blogging” is part of your 6 yr old daughter’s world. My 5yr old son will tell me when we have something he thinks is yummy for dinner “mommy this needs to be on our blog, its a winner!” So funny how technology is so different for this generation!

  • Amanda

    Hi Athena, I love your list of why you blog! We’d love to feature you on our site, Why I Blog. Please feel free to submit your story on the main page if you are interested 🙂

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