Editing Photos

I don’t have much experience editing photos but I desperately want to learn.  This is what I have done in Picnik.  I chose to detail Picnik to you because it is free – you can upgrade to a paid version for an annual fee but I believe all the features I used are in the free version.

This is the “before” photo.  Too dark for me to do too much with.

First, I used auto exposure and let Picnik set it as it saw best.  Then I lightened it up just a little bit more.
Second, I softened the background and fully faded it to blur it.
Then I airbrushed her skin.
Lastly, I brightened up the whites of her eyes a little.
This is the new photo.
There you have it.  And the Before and After side by side… Another terrific options is using a professional photo editing service for perfect photos.


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