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The Green Medallion Wreath

You have all seen the blue metallic medallion wreath but I have to show you another one.  The blue one was a medallion I bought at the thrift store and it was really a “see if I like it” experiment.  Problem is I liked it so much I kept dreaming about what I would do if I could “choose” a medallion to use.  Today was the day – I stopped into Lowes and looked at the medallion selection.  Of course the one I wanted was $48.  Well it was extremely unlikely that I could convince myself to purchase a medallion for $48.

Then, as I was just about to leave the store with just the caulking I needed to fix my roof – I passed by a clearance section.  I didn’t think at all I would find a medallion on clearance but it is very difficult for me to walk by a clearance section – the curiosity gets the best of me… Lo and behold – there was a large medallion on clearance for 50% off! 

The next decision was what color to spray paint it and was I going to use glitter spray again.  I hate working with glitter – but glitter spray?!  No question – it is clean and easy to use.  I chose lime green and glitter spray. 

green metallic medallion 1green metallic medallion 2green metallic medallion 3green metallic medallion 4green metallic medallion 5green metallic medallion 6green metallic medallion 7 
The color is more like the lighter green.  The darker photos were taken in the shade and made it appear darker.

It is about 20 inches wide!  Now if I can just find some more of these on clearance!

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