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More Picnik Photo Adjustments

UPDATE – I had this post written before I received the notice on 01/21/12 that they were closing their photo editing program in April 2012.  But, in the meantime they are offering their premium edition for free – so this will be my last photo editing post with Picnik… I will be switching to a premium photo editing software with Joolo Media.

Original post:
Picnik is such an easy photo editing application.  It is free at although there is a premium edition available for a fee.  The premium edition is what I use.

I will show you some adjustments today.  This is my original photo:

The steps I used were as follows (sorry – I didn’t save after each and every step):

Cropped the photo
Rotated the cropped image
Flipped the image
Cloned away two scratches that were under her right eye
Auto exposed the image

Then the image looked like this:

Then I wanted to add a watermark:

Click on text
Add your text in the box
Place the text image where you want it, adjust for any transparency you would like, choose a font (I chose FF Meta Serif SC) and there you have it – your final image


Then a coworker showed me some things on Photoshop and this is what we did with the photo on there…

For the photo above we copied the black background on the left – onto the right by basically taking a mirror image of the left side of her face and flipping it onto the right side – then cropping the image.  We also used the healing tool to remove the scratches under her eyes.

There you have it – two separate versions of the same photo that I am so happy with.

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