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I stayed away from Pinterest for so long because it seemed intimidating.  Then someone was so kind as to take the time to prove to me it was so easy.  And I love it.  I have three boards so far – one for The Stuff Of Success’ projects, one for reference information and one for Projects to Try.

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board.  I had been (and still do a little bit) keeping a list of projects that I do want to try at some point in the future.  But my list is just by topic.  My Pinterest board allows me to “pin” projects like what I want to do so I have a visual when I get to that project.  Additionally, it links back to a source so I can credit the appropriate person/blog with the guidance.  Likewise – if someone does the same with the projects on The Stuff Of Success board – I will be credited.

To join Pinterest you must have an invite still.  They have not opened it up to general registrations.  If you would like an “invitation” please just email me your email address and name (to thestuffofsuccess@gmail.com) and I will get one out to you.  

Once you have been set up – feel free to invite anyone you feel may be interested.  Pinterest is not just about crafts.  There are so many other “categories” out there such as:  Architecture, Art, Cars, Motorcycles, Design, DIY, Crafts, Education, Film, Music, Books, Fitness, Food, Drink, Gardening, Hair, Beauty, History, Holidays, Home Décor, Humor…  And so many more.  

Once you log in, you will want to begin to “Follow” people or boards.  You can begin by clicking on the arrow by your name – “Find Friends”. 

Create your own boards to categorize what you are “pinning”.  For example – so far I have:  The Stuff of Success, Reference, Projects to Try.  You can create the boards as you go – similar to create a new folder in windows.

When you are in Pinterest – if you want to add something to one of your boards simply click on “repin”.  Choose or create the board you want to save your pin to and give it a description. 

You can also add a “pin it” button to your favorites bar.  When you are on any website and you see something you like – click your “pin it” button and images will appear.  Select which image you would like to associate with that “pin”; file it on a “board” and provide a description.  It will now appear on Pinterest under you and your board.

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