Athena Answers

Athena Answers

Okay everyone – I have been thinking about a way to make my blog more interactive.  Although I know I am quite entertaining (LOL) – I want this site to be so much more.  I also want it to be about you and for you. 

So here is what I would like to start doing – Athena Answers!

Each week I will run a post (unless it becomes hugely popular then maybe more than once per week) where I will answer your questions.  You name it – do you want to know about adoption? Special needs? Natural Cleaning solutions?  Ethics? How to throw a knuckle ball?…  I will answer what I can and what I can’t – I will try to find the answer.  I will do the research for you. 

So what would you all like to know?  What is on your mind?

This is for you and about you.


  • Miss Kitty

    Athena, I have a question that I can’t find the answer to about blogging. When I check my blog’s stats page, I see that some of the referring sites are weight loss sites,etc. or even links to partially clothed women which have NOTHING to do with my little DIY, craft, decorating “G” rated blog. What is the deal? Can I block them?

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