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Sundays With Sephora

Welcome to Sundays with Sephora.  I am not sure if this will be a weekly post or some other schedule but it will be on Sundays (actually posted on Saturday but for Sunday email delivery).

Sephora loves working with paper – writing, cutting, glueing, using the Cricut, scraps etc…  This is a card she made for my mom (her meme) in Colorado.  Keep in mind she does not run any spelling questions through me and she is such a perfectionist so she went crazy with whiteout.

I merely supervise to make sure she doesn’t cut her fingers off with the Fiscar cutter.  She basically used precut items from Michaels’ Crafts, scrapbook paper and cardstock.




Now why is meme holding a football, throwing it over a house to me (mom)?  Well, because at some point I told my daughter that our yard while I was growing up was so small that we either played in the streets (everyone played in the streets back then) or we would pass a football over the house.  Of course you know how “it’s all fun ’til someone gets hurt” – of course someone did and we never did that again.  But it certainly was memorable – apparently even as I was relaying the story through another generation.

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