Sundays With Sephora

Sundays With Sephora – Easter Bag

I bought these cheap hand towels from the Target dollar section figuring Sephora and I could make pillows out of them.  However, she had different plans.  She wanted an Easter bag for her Easter eggs.  It doesn’t have handles but that is what she wanted.

She couldn’t just fold the towel in half because the chick and grass would have been upside down.  So she cut it in half, hemmed the cut edge and re-sewed the towel into a bag.  Just the way she wanted.

This was her first sewing project – I ran the pedal but she came up with the bag idea and ran the fabric through the sewing machine.  She was desperate to use the pedal but that will be a whole different lesson.  One step at a time.


And who knows, maybe after she is done with Easter eggs she will want to sew up the last side and turn it into a pillow.

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