Sundays With Sephora

Sundays With Sephora – Psychedelic Cookies

I made up a batch of regular old Betty Crocker Sugar cookie mix and split it into four bowls.

Sephora took over from there.  She added one color of four different neon food colorings to each bowl – basically creating four bowls resembling playdough.

Then she started mixing up different amounts from each bowl and plopping the mixtures down on a greased cookie sheet.

What kid wouldn’t like these?  She made sure to make one very large one for herself – the extra special cookie.

I was making supper while she was doing the cookies and I totally lost sight of the fact that I didn’t take a picture of her actually making them.  Oh well.  See that huge mostly purple cookie?  Well that is hers.  Hmmm WAS hers.  She woofed that right down as soon as it cooled down.




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