Brainiac Move of the Week

I love that warmer weather is here.  But with warm weather comes outdoor projects. 

The kids have a playscape that is about ten years old and has certainly seen better days.  The years have worn it well.  It was leaning, some boards were rotting and it was beginning to be unsafe.  It has a fort type structure that I had to rebuild a couple summers ago.  I didn’t take a photo of it because I was dealing with the drama from the kids.  They just could not believe we planned to take apart a portion of their playscape.  To say they were devastated would be putting it mildly.  We decided to split it in half and take the unsafe portion totally off but turn the salvageable parts into some exciting pieces for them.  In the end they love the newly designed playscape.  That and we put the trampoline right next to it so that allows them to have some additional features on their playscape. 

But to make those alterations it took some deconstruction and reconstruction.  My husband deconstructs and I reconstruct.  Our roles are clearly defined.  But halfway through the reconstruction I had a problem with my circular saw.  I LOVE my circular saw.  It is a Porter Cable saw and is about 15 years old.  Naturally when I use it I take the necessary safety precautions – eye goggles, unplug it if I step away, always know where the dogs and kids are (which was easy today because my husband and inlaws were also outside).  But somehow I still managed to suffer a problem.   I was cutting a 2×4 and cut right through the cord!  I was devastated.  My trusty saw met its demise…If my family wouldn’t have thought I was being ridiculous I may just have sat down and cried.  I said the appropriate good byes and placed it into the dumpster – cut cord, case and all. 

My father in law then came out of the house with his knife and some electrical tape.  He took it out of the dumpster and fixed her all up!  Phew – what a relief to have her back…

He fixed it after we abandoned the rest of the project so we will finish it another day. It was completed enough for the kids to get back to playing on it.  The only thing they really lost were the swings but they gained so much more.

And through it all the dogs wandered around lazily, panting and plopping to the ground like 70 degrees was just so intolerably warm.  What are they going to do tomorrow when it will be almost 90?  Or through the other warm days of the summer?  It will be tough for them. 

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