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Makin’ Our Own Shirts

One of the best investments I ever made was my heat press.  Yup – got my own heat press at home.  Whenever I feel the urge we make shirts.  Anything we want.  We simply copy something on to transfer paper and heat it up and iron it on. 

This is one that I designed.  I actually drew that drawing (positive and negative space) free hand; colored it all in with a sharpie; photocopied it onto transfer paper; and ironed it on.  Then I did the same for the writing.  I had to remember (and sometimes forget) to print as a mirror image. 

This is one result.  I love Irish Dance and used to be an Irish Dancer so I have many designs like this. 

My daughter has so many different Irish Step Dancing shirts.  I no longer dance but the love is still in my heart.

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