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Earth Day 2012

I know Earth Day has already gone by but I wanted to share with you one way we “honor” recycling in our home.  This weekend we made notebooks with leftover cereal boxes.  You know those really inexpensive notepads you can pick up during back to school season from Staples or Walmart for $.10 a pad?  Well, a couple years ago I picked up 50 of them.  Problem is no one in the house likes to use them because they are boring and there is nothing exciting about them – we are big time into our notebooks, notepads, journals etc…  It must be inspiring just as it is for us to be inspired enough to use them.  But, replace the boring cover with a more enjoyable cover and everyone is happy and every classmate of the kids wants one. 

This is one with a new Rice Krispie cover.  Simply unwind the spiral from the original notebook, cut your new cover to the proper size, punch holes in the same spots and rewind the spiral binding.  It takes about ten minutes in all. 

Then we also made Earth Cookies.  They didn’t come out very attractive but they sure are yummy.  The cookies were intended to represent the Earth. The blue is water and green – land.  But you can’t really tell that by looking at them. 

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