So Very Long Ago…

When I was growing up…
I loved any type of sport – baseball, soccer, football, basketball.  You name it, I played it.  I was absolutely not a Barbie Doll child.  Never even owned one.  The only doll I ever remember having was a Baby Alive doll but even then I don’t remember playing with it much.  I was always outside – I was climbing trees, hanging out by the ponds and brooks, hiking and searching, skateboarding, biking, rollerskating and for a brief time dirt biking.  Keeping me out of the highest trees was tough – my parents never really tried.  I was always in them.  I would even ride my skateboard in the basement and every time I put a hole in the wall I would get up in the middle of the night several nights in a row to put it all back together and paint it good as new.  I don’t know if they ever knew but I eventually told my father.  My mom probably knows now….Let’s see if she really is reading my blog…
TV – I wasn’t too into TV – but who was back then.  No cable and only three or four channels.  But I did love Emergency, Rin Tin Tin and Donny and Marie Osmond.  Sad I know.  A couple of my other favorite shows were 240 Roberts with Mark Harmon and HR Puff-n-stuff.  Eventually cable came to our area.  And remember when the networks were no longer just ABC, CBS, and NBC?  Fox was so huge and no one could even think that another network would even come close to the Big 3.  And when HBO and Showtime came around that was a whole new world.  And MTV!?
Music – Anything and everything but Meatloaf, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Stampeders, Lynrd Skynrd, Pink Floyd etc… were at the top of my list.  Though you would never know it if you knew me growing up.  I must say I was a perfect child…. Just ask my brothers…. Just kidding.  I was a handful – just a very different handful than the other kids in the house.  Yes, my kids are adopted but I have absolutely no doubt my grandmother is laughing up in heaven because my youngest child is the spitting image of me complete with all the drama and injuries.
Food – well “in those days” there wasn’t a McDonalds on every corner and fast food was really something that wasn’t fast because the closest was at least ½ hour away.  So my favorite foods were my mothers chicken and dumplings; my great grandmother’s coffee flavored milk and boiled potatoes; my grandmother’s bologna sandwiches and boiled eggs; and my aunt’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Now I know most of those are not based on any particular recipe they were just my favorites because of the “love” that was added to them.  I can’t really explain it.
Drinks – it was water, milk and KoolAid.  No soda, no diet soda, no juice, no Frappuccinos (can you imagine) and no Lifewaters. 
Computers – NOPE/NONE.  I had a nice calculator though that was a hand me down from my father.  I was good with an abacus though.  And video games were simply tennis with two blocks moving up and down on the TV screen.  At the time who would have ever imagined we would move through so many different video gaming systems and handheld systems all the way to the extent of iPods, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, Kindle Fires etc… 
Phone – Rotary only.  Eventually if you were lucky and were in an area that had “tones” you could upgrade to the push button style phone.  All phones were corded phones and they were in a central area of the home.  When my parents wanted me to come home they stood on the front porch and screamed or whistled.  And when they called – I came as fast as I could.  Eventually we got a push button phone.  There was no call waiting, call forwarding or voicemail.  When I would call home, I could NEVER EVER get through.  My stepsisters or my brothers were always on the one phone in the house.  I would have to call the operator to let them know there was an emergency so they could interrupt the call.  But even then sometimes my siblings would not get off the phone.  It wasn’t until I got married that a cordless phone became an affordable option – and my first one was a hand me down that was as huge as holding a brick to my ear…and a cell phone?  Well that was only used in an absolute emergency and only turned on to make a call.  If you left it on waiting for someone to call you – the battery would die. 
We were allowed to “run in the streets”; go by ourselves a couple blocks away to the penny candy store; and go to the local butcher by ourselves just for a slice of sandwich meat.  And family fun night consisted of sitting on the front porch blowing bubbles or watching lightning dance across the sky. 

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  • Pams Party

    We are about the same age, because i remember pretty much all that you mentioned. I loved Donny and Marie too! My first experience with computers was in college in a computer lab, attempting to learn how to program. Screens were still mostly black with yellow font. Things are different now with our children!

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