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Bird Bath for Mother’s Day

I got an early jump on Mother’s Day this year and made my mother in law a bird bath.  She loves decorating the yard.  And I LOVE not having to do it.  The arrangement works out just fine.  Don’t get me wrong – I love doing that kind of stuff and I love working outside.  I just don’t have nearly enough time to do it. 

The bird bath is pretty easily explained with the photos.  I just purchased three clay pots in progressive sizes.  There was one pot larger that I could have purchased but this worked out to be the perfect height.  I also needed one clay dish for the top. 

Simply prime all your pieces except the enameled interior of the dish.  Since the birds will actually drink water out of that I kept that surface unpainted. 

Paint each pot a different color and paint the dish yet another color.  Since I painted the exterior of the dish orange it blends in with the interior surface of the dish. 

Layer the pots upside down on top of one another then glue the dish on top.  Then fill with water.  This one isn’t filled yet because the glue is still drying.  I used E6000 glue.  If that doesn’t hold up I will reglue with something different.  I have had varied success with E6000 on outdoor projects.

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