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Easy PJs

Although I do sometimes follow a pattern for pajamas – that just seems so time consuming when it comes to my kids.  They grow out of them so far so perfection is not high on my list of priorities. 

This is a pair of pajamas I made for my son – he is a size 14 and it took 2 yards of fleece fabric.


Always the silly poses…

First I folded the fabric with wrong sides out.  Then I laid a pair of shorts (folded in half) down on the fabric.  I simply cut around them – about two inches out.  I wanted them to be longer than shorts so I accounted for that (they are 3/4 length).  When you make them like this you have to allow about three inches for the waistband (the width to feed elastic through).



Then flip the shorts over and do the same thing again.  Once both sections are cut – start sewing together, hem, put the elastic in and wear. 



More silliness!!


When you are all set with the pants – do a similar process for a shirt.  I simply laid a tshirt down on folded fabric (the tshirt was not folded – laid flat) – cut around it leaving about an inch or more (I allow more for fleece).  Once I have the layers cut, I make a lower cut for the front portion which will allow enough room for his head to fit through.  Sew it all together and this is what you get…

Without having to cut out a pattern this whole outfit took about one hour and most of that time was spent trying to feed the elastic through.

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  • CAS

    Great idea for PJ’s! I never tried making them for my kids, but I made everything else they wore. We lived in Oregon when they were young & they tended to wear those fleecy things with feet until they were almost teenagers…..lol!

  • The Stuff of Success

    This really is an easy process – just make sure you keep enough room for the head hole. Easy enough that when they grow out of them in one month (my kids are going through major growth spurts right now) – you don’t feel frustrated with all the time you spent on them.

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