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New Life for Potty Chair

A friend of mine gave me this wooden potty chair.

The left hand side was a little toilet paper roll holder but I pulled the roller out and just nailed some small pieces of plywood there.  I was going to take the sides off entirely but my mother in law wanted to leave them so she could plant flowers in them.  So instead of taking them off, I built one up.  I was on a mission and forgot to take a true “before” picture.  I really does take some effort to remember to take photos of projects as you do them.  
The reason for this project was attempting to solve a dilemma.  We purchased a Pelican bird bath for my mother in law for Mother’s Day.  It is on the small side and she was feeling that it was so short the birds would not see it.  I don’t know enough about birds to know if that was the case or not but she was going to use a cinder block.  You all know I like color so that was just not going to work unless I spray painted it – which would have been a last resort. 
I always say – check what you have first for projects.  So, this potty chair – I had.
Next I primed it and painted it – I showed my mother in law my spray paint stash and let her select what color she wanted – she chose orange.

Once it dried, I moved it to its new home.

She hasn’t placed plants on the sides yet but she will this weekend. 
Isn’t she cute?

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