Water Free Slip and Slide

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  1. Alesha says:

    Hi! I am Alesha from Blessed to be a Blessing. I’m one of the co-hosts from the Summer Fun Carnival. I wanted to make sure that I am following all of you before we really get into this thing! I’m really excited to work with you, to possibly have you guest post, and to get to know you this summer!
    Alesha <3
    P.S. This looks fun. Does the oil stain or hurt clothes?

  2. That looks like fun! Was the clean up hard though?

  3. This was alot of fun. Cleanup was a piece of cake. We just rolled up the plastic – we are hoping to use it again although it now has grass on it. We’ll see what it looks like when we unroll it. As far as the kids go, I just washed their clothes (had them change in the basement without treking into the house) and threw their clothes in the laundry by themselves. I could not find any evidence of staining. The only problem I had is the basement has a concrete floor and the baby oil made that concrete very slick so I covered it with a carpet til it soaked in so no one slipped on it thinking it was water.

  4. Lisa says:

    Haha! Fun idea! I bet the kids loved it!

  5. Ann Shinney says:

    What a great idea, no muddy puddle at the bottom or high water bill. I bet their skin was baby soft too.
    Ann from manymanyhats.blogspot.com

  6. Jami says:

    This is hysterical!! My boys would definitely have to wear their helments too! This will be one of tomorrow’s features…be sure to drop by and grap a button!

  7. AmieAnn says:

    Ha ha aha! My kids would just LOVE This and they would try to make an extreme sport out of it too! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party!
    Amie @ Pinkapotamus

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