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Gift for Teachers

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Well another school year is over.  I am very sad that my youngest child is getting older! She will be going into 2nd grade.  It seems like the baby days were just yesterday.  And while she goes on to 2nd grade, my son goes on to 6th and my oldest daughter goes on to college.  I am very thankful for the blog to be able to create a journal of sort for these special times.  I tried many times to sit down and “write” in a journal daily.  That just never really worked.  Something always pulled me away.  This is so much better…

With another year coming to a close I needed to whip up some teachers’ gifts.  Since my husband and I also work in education it is also our busiest time of year so it just couldn’t be anything very time consuming but I did want it to be “personal”.  This is what I came up with.  I have seen so many versions around pinterest.  Other versions include ribbon and fabric (just to give you more ideas).

I purchased 4×6 clear acrylic self standing frames.  I bought them at Michaels’ Crafts with 50% off coupons but you can also get them at Walmart and so many other places relatively inexpensively.  While at Michaels’ I purchased a bunch of the teacher/classroom/school themed stickers that were 40% off and a couple sheets of holographic cardstock.  Then I purchased some of the Super Sticky post it notes which you can get almost anywhere – I picked them up at Target.

Cut the holographic cardstock to the appropriate size either with scissors or a paper cutter.  Place inside the frame.  Before I put it in the frame I wrote with a sharpie on the back – To:  Mrs.  “M”; From: (child’s name); 11/12; Grade …- then I placed it in the frame.  I placed the post it pads either all the way up at the top in the center or “near” the top in the center and strategically placed stickers on the remaining space on the frame.

That is all there is to it.  I hope they like them.  While I was at it I made a set for my husband for his office at school (for Father’s Day).


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