Vitamix Recipes

Vitamix Recipes

I just received this…

I wanted one several years ago but decided to purchase my Excalibur dehydrator instead – which, yes I do use and was never unhappy I made the decision.  However, over the last few years I did purchase a decent blender but nothing compared to this.  I didn’t feel like I “settled” because the blender did what I needed at the time – not as well as it could have been but good enough.

THEN – it burned up on me while I was trying to crush some ice.  I heard the Vitamix calling my name.  The other machine was only a few years old.  The Vitamix comes with a 7 year Warranty – I will be thrilled if I don’t kill it within 7 years.  But this thing is awesome.  I have only made a few smoothies so far – nothing from the book, just stuff I have on hand.  I always wanted the Best Vitamix Blenders and now I have one!

So if you all have any good recipes for the Vitamix (smoothies, dips, soups, desserts) – feel free to share them.  I have set this post up like a link party so feel free to link whatever can be made with a Vitamix (or any blender/smoothie machine).

Thanks and let’s have fun with this.  I will keep this open all summer so we can all have plenty of summer ideas to cool us off.


  • Birdlady

    Hello, Athena! Just wanted to congratulate you on your Vitamix!! How exciting!! I just got mine on Monday of this week. I can’t wait to experience all the wonders of this great machine! I’m sure that it will handle ALL the ice you throw its way – and more!! Enjoy! BTW, I found your blog while doing a Vitamix Google search – I’ll be adding your blog to my favourites!

  • The Stuff of Success

    Excellent – I am so happy for you (and I). I still just keep whipping up stuff with foods I have on hand and I haven’t made any soups yet. I will definitely get my act together and make some of the soups though. This week has been 100 degree days so a smoothie for supper is just the right thing! Congratulations and welcome.

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