Vitamix Recipes

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  1. Lizzy says:

    Yikes…I just linked a non themed dish…so sorry! It doesn’t look like I can delete or I would :/

  2. Birdlady says:

    Hello, Athena! Just wanted to congratulate you on your Vitamix!! How exciting!! I just got mine on Monday of this week. I can’t wait to experience all the wonders of this great machine! I’m sure that it will handle ALL the ice you throw its way – and more!! Enjoy! BTW, I found your blog while doing a Vitamix Google search – I’ll be adding your blog to my favourites!

  3. Excellent – I am so happy for you (and I). I still just keep whipping up stuff with foods I have on hand and I haven’t made any soups yet. I will definitely get my act together and make some of the soups though. This week has been 100 degree days so a smoothie for supper is just the right thing! Congratulations and welcome.

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