Vacation Day 6 and 7

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  1. Athena, what brand of sneakers are shown here. I too have knee and feet problems and am always trying to find some pain relief with sneakers. Really like the pink and gray color combo too!! Thanks!

  2. The sneakers are Addidas Clima Cool sneakers. They have been such a Godsend. They are the 2012 model. The 2011 is slightly different and not as comfortable. I now have two of the pink and gray version; one of the neon green version and I even have a pair of the mens which is orange and blue. Once adjusting for size the mens pair feels exactly like the womens’ pair. There is also a neon green man’s version – doesn’t look the same as the women’s version.

    What you should know about them is that they do not hold water – they are designed to drain. I love this about them – I wear them even like water shoes right into the ocean and even into the pool. The sand and water are difficult for me to navigate with my feet and legs and keeping my sneakers on makes it so much more comfortable and when I get out these sneakers drain easily. Those cheap watershoes never really worked because they don’t provide any type of support. The downside of this feature is that water seeps in just as easily so don’t step in a puddle accidentally or if you get stuck in a rain shower – your socks will be soaked. The water will drain right back out but not til your foot is wet. No big deal for me as long as I know it.

    Kohls sells these sneakers and I just keep using my 30% coupons when they are also have a Kohls Cash deal. They retail for $74.99. Not inexpensive but also not the most expensive sneakers out there. So I pay about $53, get $10 back in Kohls cash and use that on another pair.

    Good luck.

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