Where Did The Time Go?

Seems like every time I turn on my computer at home, the minutes pass as quickly as seconds.  Before I know it – I need to go to bed and I have achieved very little. 
I start with checking my blog emails for the day – and of course I answer every one.  Now there aren’t a ton of them but one new one and I am off on my tangents. 
I go to their blog and start poking around to see just what they are all about.  I may subscribe, I may not.  But I can only decide that if I look around.  I may comment on some of their posts that are really interesting to me.
Then I check out their Facebook page – again – gotta look at the pictures. 
Then I go check them out on Pinterest.  And the time starts passing VERY QUICKLY at this point.  I poke around their Boards and see what I like.  I “pin” what I am interested in; “follow” the Boards I like.  But wait!!! I see something they have “pinned” that leads me to someone else’s Board – and WOW that Board is interesting.  So I start looking around there following the same process with “pins” and “following”. 
This all leads to ending up on more blogs, looking around, subscribing/following, commenting etc…
Before I know it – it is no longer 8pm, it is now 11pm.  Just when is the “right” moment to stop and go to bed.  But guess what – I haven’t done any projects of my own and I haven’t worked on a post of my own. 
This scenario happens almost daily.  Then when I do projects and posts I have to do a five day blitz just to catch up or get ahead even a little. 
I seriously need about four more hours per day and even that could easily slip right through my fingertips given the right conditions. 

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