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What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine

I have taken many courses towards earning my Ph.D. in Natural Health.  My future will not have that Ph.D. degree in it.  The school I was taking the courses through, up and closed it’s doors one day with thousands and thousands of students in the middle of their studies.  All I had remaining to complete my degree was my consulting practicum.  It is my own fault for not earning that degree because I procrastinated like crazy on that practicum.  The problem was I wanted the degree just to have it and have the knowledge.  I did not intend to start a consulting practice.  As with all things – if you have zero interest in something, it is very difficult to make that a priority.  The school was a very successful school with so many thousands of graduates over several decades.  But I do have the knowledge that I desired – just not the piece of paper to prove it.  I can live with that.
Anyway I thought I would take this moment to pass some of that education on to you – my favorite people in the whole wide world!  The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) had classified these treatments into five broad categories:
1.         Alternative Medical Systems – Complete systems of theory and practice
Native American Healing Practices
Naturopathic Medicine
Tibeten Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine
2.         Mind-Body Interventions – Techniques designed to enhance the mind’s
capacity to affect bodily functions and symptoms
Art Therapy
Dance Therapy
Guided Therapy
Humor Therapy
Music Therapy
Prayer Therapy
3.         Biologically-Based Therapies – Uses substances found in nature such as herbs, foods and vitamins
Dietary Supplements
Herbal Products
4.         Manipulative and Body-Based Methods – Manipulation and/or movement of one or more body parts
Alexander Technique
Feldenkrais Method
Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Touch
Trager Approach
5.         Energy Therapies – Include Biofield Therapies that affect energy fields that surround and penetrate the human body and Bioelectromagnetic Therapies involving unconventional use of electromagnetic fields
Qi Gong
Therapeutic Touch
Pulsed Fields
Magnetic Fields
Alternating-current or Direct-current fields
The purpose of this post was to let you know that there are many other forms of therapies out there – offering many alternatives or complementary options to traditional allopathic (conventional) care. 

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