Trying New Things

I try to let my kids try just about anything they want when it comes to food – especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables.

My daughter believes she LOVES coconut.  However, her experience to date has been limited to…

I was very willing to let her try real coconut when she continually asked but I was clear that the coconut she eats is not at all the same as a fresh coconut.  I explained that what she likes is sweet and shredded and easy to chew and eat.  But a real coconut is crunchy and not sweet at all.

So in the interest of developing her tastes – I bought one.

First I punctured it to get the coconut milk out.  She said she loved it but funny thing – she wouldn’t drink it.

Then when I smashed the coconut and pulled out the coconut meat she immediately dove in and took a chunk.  Next thing you know she is gagging (truly on the verge of losing it) and coughing.

When I was younger I used to eat fresh coconut and actually enjoyed it every now and then.  Now – nope – that coconut went right into the dumpster.

But she had the experience and now she knows.


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