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Hair Feathers for My Girl…

My daughter is fascinated with her hair lately and things to decorate her hair.  We just removed a series of french braids along with her hair wrapping. 

So today we have moved on to hair feathers.  I have never done them before but I believe I am doing it correctly. 

The feathers come with a little round gasket – like the sort you would use with a crimping tool when making jewelry.  So that is exactly how I proceeded.  This little gasket has rubber lining to hold the hair.  I pulled some of Sephora’s hair through the gasket; then I fed the bound end of the feather through that same gasket.  To secure the gasket I simply used my crimping tool from jewelry making and crimped it closed.

Next time I give her a feather I will need to go farther to the underside of her hair to hide the gasket a little better.  But this is the first time and it will serve the purpose.

This is the gasket (crimped)

The gasket is relatively hidden and the feather is now the highlight of her hair

Happy as can be
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