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The Discarded Dollhouse

This dollhouse is HUGE.  It is more than four feet tall and I saw it on the side of the road while driving to work one day.  I don’t have the space for something this big but I just couldn’t leave it there.

It was missing the bottom to the second floor but I figured I could make it work still.  It was also missing whatever was on top – some sort of roof – but I actually liked it better with out it.  This was going to be staying in the garage for the kids to use in the driveway.  I intended to put it on wheels, fix the floor and be done with it.  My daughter had entirely different plans though.

She immediately had visions of pink and purple!  My plan would have cost me nothing but wheels – her plan has cost me $50 in spray paint and primer and wheels.  Plus whatever we end up doing (meme will help with this) to decorate everything inside.  I am hoping to make the doll furniture.  She doesn’t actually plan to use dolls in it because my son also wants to use it.  They want to use beanie babies.  Makes no difference to me.  So furniture will need to be of a size for beanie babies to use.

After Priming with Kilz Primer (AWESOME STUFF)
I primed it on a rather chilly evening – about 40 degrees.  Kilz dries quickly anyway.  It has amazing speed and covers great!  It covers anything.

We painted the rest of the doll house purple with the floor I built being pink with a white subfloor.


I still need to add the wheels but for now – I have put it aside for another day.  Once our Newfoundland climbed in and got mud all over the bottom (she plays in mud and creates it nonstop) – I was in no mood to continue.  I don’t know what would even make her think this was a house for her…
I added a plywood base and some casters.  The plywood base is a decent amount wider and longer than the dollhouse.  I had to create the additional space or the house was just too top heavy to be moved or even safe.  The dollhouse will no longer be a dollhouse – it is still in the garage and serves as a mobile shelf for all of the kids gear and some of my tools/paint.  The top (open area) holds all the basketballs and soccer balls; the middle two shelves hold helmets and some of my tools/paint.  The bottom shelf holds all of their skateboards, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, Heelies etc….  It is the perfect solution.  And since I had to make the base slightly larger that works out well because I have the bike basket on one end and my other items on the other side.  All neat and tidy in one space.  Now when we need to get the riding mower out of the garage (no car in there) – we don’t need to pick up the entire garage just to get the mower in and out.  Just slide the shelf out of the way and easy in and out.

Here you go – perfect solution for mobility and storage!

The “dollhouse” seems to be very happy.  It interacts with the kids every single day and the dogs still try to make the bottom shelf into a bed.




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