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Sponge bombs revisited

My kids love water – as most kids do.  But I hate squirt guns and things like that – just the whole gun thing.  So here is the solution.  Sponge bombs.  We picked up a bunch of plain old sponges at Job Lot (16 sponges).  Then we cut each sponge into quarters lengthwise.

Once they are all cut into quarters, you simpley place 8 strips (or more) on a piece of string.  Fishing line is ideal but that would have meant buying some.  I am hoping my solution will work just as well but we will see – I used the yarn that I have.  I simply wrapped the yarn around the bundle of 8-10 strips 4 or 5 times to make it sturdy and strong.   Mix the colors so each sponge bomb is decorative and interesting.

When they are done they look like a multicolored three dimensional snowflake.  Now all the kids need is some nice weather (and the puppies in the kennel) to play with them!

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