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Whipping Up A SuperHero

Do you have a child with special needs?  Well we do.  And sometimes he gets “stuck” on stuff.  Today he was “stuck” on needing to be a superhero and needing to be one now.  My easy answer was to run to the thrift store and see what I could find.  Even if it was just a tshirt I could have convinced him to settle for that.  But we missed it – when this economy started taking a dive the thrift store decreased the hours/days they are open. 

What next???

I spent a little while trying to convince him to postpone his NEED.  That didn’t work at all.

I don’t want you to think I give my kids anything they want – because I absolutely don’t.  But we can tell the difference in his tone when he just strongly wants something versus when he needs something (in his mind) so badly that he will seriously not think about even going to bed until he gets it.  To him it is as essential as breathing.  If you ask my kids they will tell you that I say “no” all the time and they never ever get anything! (LOL)

This was my solution. 

I opted to use things I have on hand.  I started with a white raglan style shirt with navy blue sleeves.  I cut out a batman emblem out of black fleece (by hand – I do not have a Silhouette) and sewed that onto the front of the baseball shirt.

I then cut a big triangle out of the black fleece, rounding all the corners and hemmed (not essential but it gives it a more finished look).  I also made a quick strap out of black fleece to strap it around his neck. 

Then (because I was using what I had) I cut a batman emblem out of orange fleece and sewed that onto the cape.  In the photo it looks yellow – which I would have preferred but I didn’t have yellow.

Lastly I sewed up a really quick mask because of course he wasn’t a superhero without a mask.  My husband tried valiantly to convince him that sunglasses work just as well – but he would not have it.

Had I had time to plan and create the outfit I would have done many things differently.  However, I think it came out okay with only 1/2 hour to whip it up and still get him calmed down enough to go to sleep at a decent hour.

What do you think?

See Meme in the doorway wondering what we are up to now?!
His mask is slipping so he has one eye squinting.
She LOVES having her own superhero!
And the back of his HUGE cape!

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