So Sad

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  1. Pams Party says:

    I understand your sadness.. My oldest had long beautiful hair. Last fall she insisted she wanted to cut it short. She was beginning high school, so she was old enough to make the decision. Shw wanted to go drastic short all at once, but I convinced her to go to a shoulder length bob first. A month or so later she still insisted she wanted it shorter, so I allowed her to do it. It has been short now for about 9-10 months. While I am use to it and think it is cute, I still really miss her long hair.

  2. Laura says:

    Maybe it’s different with boys, but my 7 year old’s hair is a battle I’m not willing to fight. However he wants to wear it, is fine with me. It is, after all, his hair and his personal style/individuality. Your daughter’s hair is adorable with her new bob. 🙂

  3. Thanks guys. It has been two days and she seems to really like it now. Our boys always wore their hair really short. Except for the occasionally desire for a mohawk and the brief phase with our oldest who had a “tail” they have never had too many hair issues. The girls however – so different. It will grow back. Ultimately I am glad it came out this way because she had so many layers and we are finally to the point where all layers are gone and the bangs are all grown out. Now it will grow one length and that will be so much better and prettier.

  4. The haircut turned out so cute! I really like it. She can probably manage to take care of it now. I kept my girls hair pretty short until they were old enough to take care of it themselves, then they got to wear it like they wanted. Both have their hair a little longer than your daughter’s, but then they are both either in their 40’s or getting close. You have some mighty cute children!

  5. Thanks Deborah. By the time it gets long again she probably will be old enough to manage it. At least that is my hope.

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