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Fear of the Dark Assistance

My youngest child is extremely afraid of anything and everything at bedtime.  You name it – we have tried it.  And the solution one night is not the solution that works another night.  This solution seems to stand the test of time though as long as it is coupled with other things such as a dream catcher (do not move the dream catcher).    We have an old house so there aren’t many outlets in her room – actually there aren’t many anywhere.  It drives me crazy.  The dollar store has carried glow sticks for over a year now.  They carry a wide variety but the ones I care about are the plain old 14 inch rods.  I prefer the yellow or red for this purpose but when necessary I will buy the blue.  The yellow is the brightest, then red and the least is the blue. 

Now, don’t think I spent $1 per night to keep my daughter less panicky.  The rods have many spots within them that need to be cracked to activate the glowing action.  We very carefully only crack three spots when we open the rods; then the second night a couple more (there is a still a bit of a glow from the original cracking as much as three days later); then the next night – a couple more until there is nothing left to crack/activate in the rod.  When careful one rod can last a full week.  Less than the cost of batteries if I were to put some sort of battery operated night light in her room.  Even with minimal glowing activated in the yellow – it lights up a huge portion of her room. 

I took one photo with no flash so you could see how large it is and how bright; then in the same exact spot with the flash so you could see the size of it next to her while she is sleeping.

Notice how she can’t even take her hand off it while sleeping!
And I have no idea why she turned her pillowcase inside out – I learn not to question those things.
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