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  1. FEEL THE LOVE! Lol. I know how it feels, and it definitely makes my day–more people should comment more often, but a lot of people are silent readers. (I should know, I tend to be one!)

  2. Colleen says:

    Oh, I’m terrible about leaving comments……..(hanging head in shame).
    I try and get as many blogs read as possible in the mornings before me day begins so very seldom do I have the time to comment, but you’re not forgotten, as I come each and every morning to read your blog.

    May you have a great and wonderful day and a better day tomorrow

  3. I know – I don’t comment nearly enough. I think it is natural to get caught up in everything else we do in the process of blogging. I am going to try and comment more frequently in the future. Thanks all – have a great day. Athena

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