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Quick No-Sew Tshirt Vest

This project takes about two minutes to make – in fact I made two in less than five minutes.  They would look so much better in a colored tshirt but I have a ton of blank white tshirts so that is what we used.  Not the best photos in the world – we are making lemonades out of lemons with no power.

Take a tshirt…


Cut from armpit to armpit


Once you have a tube – cut a slit about 1/3 of the way across through both layers


Cut the opposite end of the tube open so you have a large rectangle with a slit in the middle


(LOVE the face) – step into the middle of the slit


Pull the front piece up over your head and you have a vest!


This one was made with a Youth XL Tshirt
This one was made with an Adult XL Tshirt
She likes the extremely large one more!

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