Storm Sandy Update 10/30/12

Well it looks like we will still have Halloween tomorrow – at least in our area.  Some of the coastline areas are still suffering with the storm and will continue to have huge tidal surges throughout the high tides for today.  Many homes and businesses have been lost along the coast.  This morning there are about 650,000 power outages.  Why we haven’t lost power I will never know – but I am thankful.

The sun is just rising now so devastation reports are not all in yet.  Two deaths in Connecticut have been reported due to this storm at this time (7:00am).  The state is still pretty much shut down today but much of the state should be back up tomorrow.  Crews from around the United States are already here to help everyone out.  During Irene we needed to wait about 4 days just to get assistance – this time everyone was adequately prepared.

So the Nagel’s have survived another New England storm.


As the morning goes on there are full structures (sheds etc…) blocking roads and streets – they have been floated from their homes; boats in streets; a barge slammed ashore; trees down all over; etc… Lots of debris that had to have been carried by the tidal surges.  Cell tower emergency battery backups have now died and many areas are in the dark totally – reminiscent of Hurricane Irene.  The utility companies are getting barraged by complaints and their inability to even give estimates.  Some towns have yet to see even one utility worker.  With Irene this level of frustration really wasn’t reached for a few days.  This time, with everyone knowing ahead of time, some areas are no farther along than they were with less preparation.  I feel for them.  Fortunately, it wasn’t snow and it isn’t below freezing at night.  The devastation I talk about is isolated to CT.  There are so many more stories all the way down to West Virginia.


Just received word that our camper also survived – thank goodness!

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