A Halloween To Remember

This will go down as a Halloween to remember  – and NOT for good reasons.

This is a family friendly blog so I will try to “behave” in this post.  But I am a furious momma right now and I may not be able to control what makes it from my brain to the keyboard!


Tonight started out as a normal Halloween evening.  The usual battles with the kids about eating supper because they cannot contain their excitement to get out the door and hit the pavement.  I told them as soon as they ate supper and it got dark – we would go.

You would never know it with this chain of events but I was with my kids the entire time – right up to the doors at the houses.

About four doors down from our house a woman came to the door and told the kids to come on in – you could see the candy bowl right there within reach.  Sephora backed away and got nervous.  Anthony went in and got candy no problem.  The woman kept telling Sephora it was okay and to come on in.  Sephora kept baby stepping farther away.  I asked the woman – is there anything scary in there?  “No, I just have the radio on.”

Sephora finally stepped in – she had one foot in the door and a man dressed in a clown costume jumped out from behind the door and grabbed her!  I am not kidding you when I tell you she ran screaming at the top of her lungs so loud that my mother in law at home was convinced she was run over by a car because it was dark.  She could not stop screaming, then sobbing for a good twenty minutes.

That was the end of trick or treating this year.  And probably for the rest of her life as long as it is dark.

NOW WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE THEY THINKING!  My daughter was clearly afraid – there was no doubt.  She voiced it, she showed it and I specifically asked to make sure – I should have been able to get a straight answer when I asked to verify if it was safe.  I have not one ounce of doubt that my daughter will think twice about trick or treating on Halloween again and she will most likely fear clowns for the rest of her life.

I do think they stopped doing it as no other children seemed to have a problem trick or treating there and many were the size of Sephora.  I did say to the woman – why in the world would you do that?!  But my priority was to get Sephora out of there and console her as quickly as possible.  What I wanted to do?  Deck her!  Those momma lion claws were out and ready to dig in – but I had to put them away to deal with my most important issue.

Next year I think we may just stay home with dad and give out the candy.  She is seven years old – she should have been able to have a relatively frightless Halloween.  She has been on edge ever since Hurricane Sandy – this pushed her right over.


  • Tammy

    I would seriously be tempted to talk to the local police department. He grabbed her and terrorized her which is assault and battery. You could press charges, but I think a talking to from the local police might get those people’s attention. They should be made aware of the serious lack of judgment and unnecessary terror they have now inflicted on a child who has considerable fear issues to begin with. I don’t blame you for being furious. Luring a child into a house with candy and then purposely terrorizing them is not funny, by any means.

  • The Stuff of Success

    I have definitely considered the police department. I already have a child who panics. She did sleep through most of the night but this morning would not walk out to the car for school because it was still dark. I had to put my stuff in the car and walk her slowly with a wiffle ball bat and flashlight. She had trust issues already with anyone outside our house – and you can imagine just how scared she was to ditch the rest of Halloween right there and then. She could barely walk back home – just four houses away. I have never heard a child scream with that much hysteria and I doubt I ever will again. There is no way that person(s) could not have been affected.

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