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This week in photos – 11/26/12

Xena Lee – Standing guard over her tennis ball.  She is not about to let Chewbacca snag it!
Seph keeps saying she wants a tiger.  Lo and behold, I found her one (at least to visit).
Well for years my husband has been trying to get me to get a car.  I have one – a 1995 Volvo.  It now has 240,000 miles on it so I am finally giving in.  He spent weeks searching online for just the perfect car for me. I’d say he succeeded.  This is the car we decided on – a 2006 Dodge Magnum R/T, 8 cylinder HEMI, moonroof, wagon (lots of room), heated seats (a must have), leather seats, dual exhaust and more.  I won’t have it for about a month though because they are waiting on the title.  We put a down payment on it the day it arrived at their dealership.  My requirements – I didn’t want a van; I didn’t want an SUV but I wanted it to sit up off the ground; needed my heated seats; and needed space.  
Anthony is on a SpeedRacer kick.  This is his getup – swimming goggles and a bike helmut.
Meme bought another dog today – a standard poodle, Pepper
So now our house has an English Mastiff, Newfoundland, 
Miniature Schnauzer, Boston Terrier and a Standard Poodle

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