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TSOS – 2012 In Review

I worked really hard on The Stuff of Success in 2011 and 2012.  However, my readership increased significantly in 2012.  Here are some things to know about The Stuff of Success:

47,110 Visits in 2012 – of those 37,896 were unique visitors

37,483 of those visits were from the United States
2,447 from Canada
951 United Kingdom
Thousands more from – Australia, India, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Italy, Phillipines, Spain, France, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Malaysia, Greece, Singapore, Croatia, Poland, Belgium, Pakistan, Indonesia, Portugal, Romania, Israel, Argentina, Sweden, Turkey, Namibia, Norway, Bulgaria, Japan, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Finland, Thailand, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Slovenia, Serbia, South Korea, Austria, Egypt, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, China, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Lithuania, Guatemala, Belarus, Colombia, Estonia, Vietnam, Iceland, Belize, Chile, Taiwan, Slovakia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Peru, Dominican Republic, Mauritius, Qatar, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Jordan, Lebanon, Panama, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guam, Malta, Maldives, Kenya, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands Antilles, Bosnia and Herzogovinia, Bahrain, Brunei, Cyprus, Macedonia, Algeria, Honduras, Moldova, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Anguilla and Bolivia

Top Ten of 2012
Cricut Tip

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