Re-Post – Make Your Own Weight Watchers Calculator

Is your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? 
If so, I am re-running this post from last year to help with your efforts.  It may be a little different now that Weight Watchers has the 360 plan but it still works.

Create an excel spreadsheet with the following:

Protein / 10.9
Carbohydrates / 9.2
Fat / 3.9
Fiber / 35

Add your results all together to get the total number of points you can have per day.

How many points can you have per day?  From

To determine your daily target, give yourself two points if you’re female and eight if you’re male, according to the Just Diet Now website. Next, add the first two digits of your weight to your points tally. Add one point if you’re 5’1″ to 5’10” and two points if you’re taller than 5’10”. Give yourself six points if you’re engaged in physically hard labor most of the day, four points if you’re usually walking, two points if you stand most of the day and zero points if you spend more time sitting down. You get four additional points if you’re 17 to 26 years old, three if you’re 27 to 37, two if you’re 38 to 47, one if you’re 48 to 58 and zero if you’re over 58.

The Weight Watchers program allows you bonus points each week. In addition to your daily points budget, you get 35 points to spend on any foods you like at any time during the week. You can spend the points all at once, in increments or not at all. The only restriction is that you can’t save bonus points to add to another week’s balance. You either use the 35 points within seven days or you forfeit that week’s bonus points.

In addition to your daily points target and the weekly bonus points, you can increase your points budget by adding exercise to your routine. For every 15 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, add one point to your budget if you weigh 115 to 310 pounds or two points of you weigh over 310. 

Studies show that people are much more successful and long term when they keep a journal.  And of course begin any diet safely and seek advice from your physician first if necessary.
I have created a spreadsheet – if you wish to download it and use it (please do not publish it without my permission) by clicking here – Excel Weight Watchers Calculators.  Simply fill in the colored fields and the calculation should occur for you.

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